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Keeping a property in a good, clean, comfortable condition is often easier said than done. The fact is that you almost certainly have many other things to attend to and since waste management is a major task in and of itself, something is likely to come undone. For this reason, many property owners are choosing to hire waste management services to make their lives easier. A waste management service can handle everything from junk removal and trash pickup to dump trailer and dumpster rental. These types of services can be useful for all sorts of properties, both residential and commercial, and for a variety of projects. All you have to worry about is finding a trash management service that has all of these services and a proven track record. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll receive with us.

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    About Our Coreys Dumpster & Rolloff Rental

    Corey's Dumpster & Rolloff Rental, we’ve firmly established ourselves as the leading waste management service in the local area. We’ve built a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable organization, one that can handle any type of waste management or dumpster rental request. Working out of Slidell, Louisiana, we’ve always prioritized the satisfaction of our customers, guaranteeing them an outcome absolutely in line with their expectations. This is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff, all of whom understand the stringent standards that we set for our team members. We trust them and they have never let us down. If you’re worried about dumpster rental prices or the cost of our other waste management services, you can relax. Despite the high quality of our service provisions, we only charge accessible prices. Affordability and value are centrally important to our team. For an affordable team that doesn’t compromise on quality, we’re your best choice.

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     The Best Waste Management Services in Slidell

    To make sure that every possible customer request is covered by our team, we supply a broad array of services that are diverse in nature. In the past, we’ve helped our valued customers with dumpsters for rent – coming in many different dumpster sizes – dump trailer rentals, junk removal, and even shed removal services. We can work on both residential and commercial properties, tackling waste management issues of every type. If you have any queries, questions or doubts related to our ability to help with your situation, simply speak to our customer service representatives for clarity. They’ll gladly answer your questions.

    Dumpster Rental

    Want to rent a dumpster? Then you’re in the right place. We have a dumpster rental service that can be utilized for all situations, including general waste management, decluttering, spring cleaning, home renovations, etc. This affordable service is a mainstay at many properties throughout Slidell because we operate reliably and transparently.

    Residential Dumpsters

    Countless residential properties across the Slidell area rely utterly on dumpsters for waste management. We have dumpsters placed at standalone single-family houses, multi-family dwellings, apartment and condominium buildings, and plenty more. This is a hassle-free method to keep on top of the accrual of garbage and trash at a domestic property.

    Commercial Dumpster Rentals

    If dumpsters are useful for residential properties – and they are – then they’re arguably even more useful for commercial properties. In general, commercial sites produce more waste, so they also require more robust waste management systems in place. We have a variety of dumpsters that are perfect for all sorts of commercial waste management needs, so you’re well set if you choose our business.


    If you have an array of clutter and junk in your property that you want rid of, a junk removal service should be your first port of call. Large volumes of junk and trash are a challenge to remove, but our team won’t have any such problems with them. We can help you with all forms of junk removal, and even the transportation of larger furniture items away from your property.

    Dump Trailer Rental

    A few different rental options are available for waste management needs, and a dump trailer is among the best. With a dump trailer, you can transport removed junk and trash or take the trailer between properties requiring consistent waste management infrastructure access. We have a variety of dump trailers for rent, so you’re spoiled for choice if you choose our organization.

    Dumpster Sizes

    Ensuring the right waste management systems means keeping your property clean and clear. A dumpster can go a long way to helping you in these matters, but it’s key that you find the right dumpster size. It must be large enough that your waste management needs are covered but not so large that you’re being wasteful. We have numerous dumpster sizes for you to choose from.

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    “Corey's Dumpster Rental – Slidell is my go to for any dumpsters I need to rent. They always give you a good, fair price, they don’t mess around, always professional. Just a really great team. Thanks guys!”

    Manny W.

    “Definitely happy with my experience with Corey's Dumpster Rental – Slidell. Very affordable, the guys were super professional, and they delivered on what they said they’d provide. Absolutely no complaints with me.”

    Oli S.

    “Thank you Corey's Dumpster Rental – Slidell for helping me clear out my property. The house I inherited was a total mess but thanks to their junk removal guys it is looking so, so much better.”

    Daisy P.

    Contact Us Today

    Finding a waste management team that can handle all your needs is crucial for keeping a property in a good condition. We are ready to serve you in this way. To learn more about the different services we provide, how much they cost, and how you can book a dumpster, speak to our customer service representatives. They’re reachable through our main telephone number throughout working hours, or via our online web form outside of those times. We look forward to serving you in the coming days and weeks.